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And the winner is...

On Saturday the 30th of November the students of JBPS went head to head in the second annual JBPS Class Challenge! It was a fantastic afternoon showcasing just how hard all the students and teachers have worked during Term 4 creating incredible routines in as little as 5 weeks!

First up were the JBPS Senior Showgroup debuting their new Christmas routine 'Cool Yule'. Then we were brought in to an intense chess game between two queens as the Junior class performed '7 Nation Army' choreographed by Miss Amie. After this we were entertained by the Intermediate class who performed 'Revolting Children' choreographed by Miss Alysia. Then the Pre Senior 2 class showed us their heist plan in a commercial jazz choreographed by Miss Emma and Miss Amie. We got some cheer and spirit from the Pre Senior 1's as they performed 'Born To Do' choreographed by Miss Alysia and the Pre Junior classes told us the 'Recipe For Love'. The Senior's closed the show with a fiery rendition of 'Disco Inferno' choreographed by Miss Emma and then the Prep's told us what they want for Christmas with stunning vocal accompaniment by Miss Olivia.

Our esteemed judges Sarah-Jane and Paul had a tough time choosing the winner but in the end the Seniors took out the title of Class Champions 2019!

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