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When You Wish Upon A Star

A note of thanks from Miss Alysia

To the entire JBPS family,

Thank you for two AMAZING shows!

Thank you….

To the wonderful team of JBPS teachers – your creativity and passion for teaching makes JBPS such an inspiring place to work – every routine was fabulous!

To our wonderful business manager, Mrs Rees who keeps us all calm and ensures everything runs smoothly.

To the amazing Miss Emma and her costume team (including many senior and pre senior students) –the costumes were truly magnificent and organised in the most stellar fashion. Huge thanks must also go to Justine Causer who single handedly managed the alterations and made sure everyone had a costume that fit!

To Mr Greg Robinson….MC extraordinaire!

To everyone who helped backstage- parents, grandparents and family members, ex-students, the Randwick Girls and Boys Props crew, our stage manager Boojay Salakas, our transport manager Andrew Jacobs, Shaimus Lautaimi, Peter Vaneris and the wonderful crew at the Seymour Centre.

To the parents and families for your continued support, particularly over the past couple of months when things have been so busy. Your willingness to drive those extra miles to Alexandria and beyond for classes, rehearsals and performances is greatly appreciated!

To our CEO Graeme Scott, thank you for your enduring support and encouragement.

And finally to the students…I was immensely proud of each and every student that danced on the stage yesterday. Putting on a show of this magnitude requires not only dance and performance skill but also resilience, team work, stamina, focus, determination…. you definitely delivered on all fronts! You were incredible.

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